About this site

A couple years ago I started another site about my bulb forcing (www.gardenwithindoors.org.uk) which was more like a blog but I kept this one although didn't update it much. I guess it's more of a reference site about hyacinth vases. I couldn't decide if I should keep both going or merge them. I decided at the least I should convert this to Drupal as well. As it's easier than Dreamweaver. An end of an era! no more Dreamweaver.

I will continue updating this site and aim to preserve all the images and content. Please bear with me!

I am happy to hear from you,  julie at hyacinthvases.org.uk or julie at gardenwithindoors.org.uk, sadly spammers are constantly attacking Drupal sites so it's safer not to allow comments or users to login. When I have more time to devote to security measures I will allow that again.

I first came across hyacinth vases when I came to London 30 years ago ( I'd never seen one in the US) there were no hyacinth vases for sale anywhere until I found some second-hand at a junk shop on Hayling Island called Reggies. It has since been converted to residential housing, as have most of the shops on Hayling Island. It used to be at the end house on the left below. In the mid-80s new vases started to be produced and one could buy vases and force hyacinths even if the vases were somewhat inelegant. The modern clear vases cannot match the vivid colours of vintage vases but at least one can grow hyacinths with vases available at many supermarkets and every garden centre, not to mention the access we all now have to vintage vases on ebay.