Victorian vases with pronged trailing

I don't know the correct term for this vase decoration or if there even is a term for it, I call it "pronged".

cranberry hyacinth vase with pronged trailing

I just got this cranberry vase and realised I have a few other vases with this type of decoration, all of which I use for hyacinth forcing. I don't know if it's an "official" hyacinth vase (i.e. made for forcing hyacinths) but I think it might be, the yellow vase I don't know either although I suspect not and the two on the right I don't think were made as hyacinth forcing vases although those prongs seem perfect - to me - for holding a hyacinth bulb.

vases with pronged trailing

I put the blue squat vase next to the cranberry vase to show relative sizes. I don't have any more hyacinth bulbs to use this year to try the new one but it seems a perfect size and shape to me and I will definitely be using it next year. When there's snow outside and it's so cold is the best time to have hyacinths growing inside.

hyacinth vases with pronged trailing

cranberry hyacinth vase snapped off pontil mark