crocus vases

I bought a few crocus vases recently (3 on the right) and wanted to compare crocus vase shapes. Left to right, a common crocus vase shape. I have 10 of these vases. A slightly larger vase, I have 4 of these. Cranberry glassroots crocus vase, similar to the glassroots hyacinth vase. Clear vase, similar to the glassroots but lighter and thinner glass. Uranium acorn? vase. I just bought it on ebay so have not tried it with a crocus bulb but it seems smaller than even the other small vases so maybe for acorns.

crocus vases

no sooner than I took the photo above, I found a few more vases in the cellar, the black vase in the centre is by Haven Pottery (see label below), the engraved amber vase on the left I have used in past years for crocus forcing, the Dartington vase next, not sure I've used or not - must organise the crocus forcing better so I have all the vases organised and ready at the right time in August / September when I have crocus bulbs to start

crocus vases

The Haven Pottery crocus vase label on the base, I think I bought this in the past year but forgot about it and didn't use it for a crocus bulb this year, will try to next year

Haven Pottery crocus vase base

polished pontil mark on the base of the engraved amber vase

amber engraved crocus vase polished pontil base

I also bought the cranberry vase below with "prong" trailing and other vases for size comparison.

hyacinth and crocus vase

all my previous crocus vases

crocus vases

I have never seen clear versions of these hyacinth vases. I was wondering their vintage. They don't seem to be very modern. Cobalt blue vase to the right for comparison.

hyacinth vases